How might Trails Affect the Use of my Traditional Lands?

Trails are generally considered low impact.

Sacred sites, harvesting areas, or other special areas that are important to First Nations and Métis should be addressed in trail planning. No trails are built with the intent to bring people to sacred sites or to disturb sensitive habitat.

First Nations may choose to bring trail users on guided tours of sacred sites or may choose to bar users from entering sacred sites depending on the wishes of each community. Trail builders and communities must work together to install appropriate signage so that trail users are aware of sites they can visit, or should refrain from visiting.

Trails may cause increased pedestrian/equestrian/cycling/paddling traffic to the communities near the trail. If First Nations or Métis have concerns about this, the trail plans will reflect this decision and no effort to draw trail users to the community will be undertaken.

Your community may have concerns that we are unaware of.

TCT has successfully collaborated with communities across the country over the previous decades to create a Trail that is enjoyable for all. We hope to continue to foster such
relationships with communities and that First Nations and Métis may be Trail partners, owners, builders, volunteers and/or stewards.