TCTO’s first Strategic Plan is released!

“The SHADE Experience, Complete Land and Water Trails, as well as Legacy Projects on the Trans Canada Trail in Ontario” is a Grand Vision and TCTO welcomes everyone to enjoy, share in and contribute to its realization.
TCTO’s Strategic Plan is a new approach which will make the organization more inclusive, responsive, relevant and meaningful. TCTO will be more involved and engaging with the local communities by providing programs and projects that will have long term benefits to society.
TCTO is undertaking this work to:
• Create the best, most memorable and positive trail experience that is possible across the province;
• Make the Trans Canada Trail more safe and enjoyable for all users;
• Leave an enhanced trail legacy for future generations to enjoy;
• Act locally and have an impact that is national and global;
• Improve the health and lifestyles of local communities and invite visitors from around the world to enjoy the Trans Canada Trail experience in Ontario.
The Grand Vision of this 10-year Strategic Plan lays out an ambitious agenda for TCTO that is consistent with TCT’s strategies and which is relevant and responds to the current and emerging needs of the trail communities, as well as future trail users. In the process of this Plan’s successfull implementation, TCTO will be in a strengthened position with more partners, members, volunteers, and also with a better funded and enhanced organizational structure. There will be more accessible trails and programs. Ultimately, this plan will help TCTO to succeed in the vision, mission and values that will guide the organizaion for the next 25 years time in improving the Trans Canada Trail in Ontario. The added value to this Plan is that it will support the diversity and healthy lives of the single most populous Province in Canada, which will continue to be spanned by The Trans Canada Trail network for years to come.

Click here for a pdf version of the plan.