About TCTO

Trans Canada Trail Ontario (TCTO) is the lead provincial not for profit organization that represents The Great Trail in Ontario, founded in 1992. TCTO’s mandate is to plan and support trail development across the province, with help from local agencies, government organizations, community associations and First Nations communities.

Download a copy of our 25th anniversary report here: TCTO 25th Anniversary Report


Ontario’s section of The Great Trail stretches over 5,000 kilometres, and offers a diverse range of trails allowing for a multitude of world-class outdoor experiences in both urban, rural and wilderness settings in the southern and northern regions of the province.

The Great Trail in Ontario connects a collection of approximately 150 interconnected trails.

TCTO is working to maintain a strong continuously connection in Ontario – the longest section of The Great Trail’s coast to coast to coast network. TCTO does this by:

  • Providing leadership on matters critical to trail connection where action is
    needed to assist trail partners;
  • Being the provincial contact for the coordination of the Great Trail in Ontario;
  • Supporting our trail partnerships to ensure connection, enhancement and sustainability of the Great Trail by working with national, provincial, regional and local stakeholders; and
  • Facilitating the sharing of information and resources about the Great Trail and trail partners.

What We Do

  •  TCTO is the lead provincial organization working to build and maintain a strong community of volunteers, supporters and trail enthusiasts.
  • TCTO develops, nurtures, and promotes partnerships with those who want to see the Trail fully connected and protected.
  • TCTO is involved in trail planning, fundraising, advocacy and coordination, distribution of public information, education and sustainability of the
    Great Trail and its connecting “Spine”.
  • TCTO is, and will continue to be the one window for review and recommendation of funding proposals from trail partners.

Mission Statement

Trans Canada Trail Ontario is committed to the continued advancement of the development of The Great Trail for the benefit of people and communities along its route.

Path of the Paddle, Northern Ontario

Chair’s Message

Ontario being one of the founding members of the Trans Canada Trail vision in 1992,
is proud to be connected to the rest of Canada and to Celebrate Canada’s 150th.

We have bridged the gaps and evolved into a breathtaking network of greenways,
waterways and roadways throughout our great province.

We’re extremely grateful for the support of Trail volunteers and supporters in
communities across Ontario: our sincerest thanks for transforming a daring dream
into a majestic reality. The Trans Canada Trail does not own or operate these trails,
the local trail partner does. If it were not for the efforts of volunteers and the
150+ Trail partners, there would not be a continuous link across Ontario.

On behalf of past and present volunteer Board of Directors, I want to thank the
trail partners for their dedication. I would also like to thank the Trans Canada Trail
(National) for their guidance and major fundraising efforts.

Moving beyond 2017 our mandate is clear – Trans Canada Trail Ontario will maintain
partnerships that will ensure enhancement and sustainability to keep Ontario
connected as the longest section of the Great Trail in Canada.

Al MacPherson
Chair, Trans Canada Trail Ontario